Made in Roath – Volume One

Made-in-Roath-Volume-one-cover-frontThe book Made in Roath is a snapshot of some of the creative talent associated with the area of Cardiff known as Roath. It is a record of some of the activity and work made during the festival of the same name.

Edited by Christina Thatcher and featuring the work of 40 contributors.  (**scroll down for a list)

The book is available as a paperback – 6″ x 9″, 150 pages, containing prose, poetry, observations, and black and white photographs.

ISBN 10: 1-904958-46-X, ISBN 13: 978-1-904958-46-8

All for just £7.99

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Made in Roath, the festival, is an artist-led, free event which aims to take art out of the gallery and into the wider community, allowing a larger and broader audience to access the wealth of creative talent in our neighbourhood whilst maintaining a standard of excellence, reflecting the contemporary art scene in Cardiff and South Wales.

It showcases the work of emerging and established artists, makers, musicians, writers and performers, who use the whole of Roath as the venue, including domestic, commercial, public and overlooked or disused spaces.

Made in Roath offers residents and visitors an opportunity to engage in the arts through a dynamic programme of exhibitions, residencies, collaborations with community groups, workshops and performances.

For more information please visit the Made in Roath website You can also like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter or just come along to their next exciting endeavour in Cardiff.

** List of contributors
Adam Rees
Andrew Jones
Angela Lester
Bill Trezise
Cameron Loxdale
Christina Thatcher
Clare Charles
clare e potter
Daniel-Wyn Jones
Dave Daggers
Deborah de Lloyd
Fran Smith
Helia Phoenix
Heloise Godfrey-Talbot
Janna Grace
Jill Berrett
Jodie Ashdown
Jon Doyle
Julie Primon
Karl Price
Laura Amy Liderth
Mab Jones
Mark Blayney
Mark Lowes
Nia Metcalf
Nigel Pugh
Owain Hopkins
Paddy Faulkner
Rachel Helena Walsh
Rachel Simons
Rebecca Roy
Rhys John
Rosey Brown
Sara Bellanpo
Simon L. Read
Sophie Hickson
Stevie Stabbers
Susanne Koenig
Uschi Turoczy
Will Ford

Made in Roath – The Book

Our Latest publication is the result of a collaboration between ourselves and 40 contributors involved with Cardiff’s Made in Roath Festival.

The festival is held in various guises throughout the year. This year the main event happens next week – links below.

Made-in-Roath-Volume-one-cover-frontMade in Roath, The Book, contains a mixture of poetry, prose, observations and photographs and provides the opportunity to take a peek into the minds, individual and collective, of the uniquely creative inhabitants of the multi-layered area of Cardiff known as Roath.

The book was conceived during a chat with the festival’s Poetry and Literature Coordinator – Christina Thatcher not long after last year’s events; and, eventually, due to Christina’s gentle persistence and hard work in collecting the contributions and editing them, the resulting book has finally manifested itself and is available worldwide – and in particular in Roath.

There’s going to be a mini-soft-launch for the book sometime at the end of next week, on Sunday 18th, the last day of this year’s festival I think. More details will be available from:

Made in Roath

Christina Thatcher

In the meantime there are more details and links to buy the book here