We have a number of projects and productions in progress including:

The Herbalist

a 5 minute short film / scene set in Tafftown Wholefoods to promote the development of our ongoing work on Tafftown – a soap-opera set in the capital city of Wales.

This video is a light-hearted look at some of the characters and themes that will be present in the programme

‘The Herbalist’ will be filmed, edited and released before the end of October

More details of story, location, and cast to follow

For more about Tafftown click here

Music Production

We’re in the studio preparing a number of music projects including the production of a new album of original songs by Dafydd Wyn Roberts.


We’ve already done a few sample episodes of the Two Old Heads podcasts and are working on more – you can find some on the Tafftown website

Also on the way

More short films

More Music

More books

and . . . .

our first feature film . . . .

see you soon

Umming and Aahing

In the meantime we can help with most aspects of media production of one sort or another

give us a shout . . . .

After a pause of sorts

Opening Chapter has been ticking along in the background for a few years while we’ve pursued other projects.

But after a few months of working on the foundations, the walls and roof of this publishing house are finally taking shape.

We have two new releases coming up very soon. Cheats and Liars by Derec Jones will be available in a few days, while Ticket to Paradise by Elizabeth Morgan is being launched at the Chapter Arts Centre at the end of September.

Over the next few months we have at least three new titles to release including a lovely vegan cookbook.

And, we are now actively seeking submissions for new titles – please see our submissions page for more info



We have been busy lately preparing for the launch of our latest title Ancient Wisdom for Modern Woman from The Gorgeous Women of the Moon. This is an inspiring guide through the year ahead, printed in full colour throughout. The book is at the printers. Due to the festive rush it will be generally available early in the new year.

While we’re talking about next year, it’s going to be a busy one. We are publishing a vegan cookery book in March, an exciting new novel in September and of course the next edition of Ancient Wisdom in time for the next festive season. We’ve also got a few surprises in store!