New Titles


There are several new titles in preparation at the moment, details will be posted here as the publishing plans develop. Here is a summary:

More new titles coming soon:

Resurrection by Kiára Árgenta

The Shattering sequel to Opera. Kiára Árgenta’s latest novel is an intimate portrayal of the life and loves of Opera Divas on and off the stage.

Beneath the beauty and glamour of the Opera stars and the richly coloured world they inhabit, lies a morass of insecurity and jealousy, passion and anguish.

A disturbing yet moving book that is written in Kiára’s unique style. Not to be missed.

Blodyn by Derec Jones

The definitive collection of poetry spanning half a century of work, covering a wide range of form, style and content.

This is a book you can dip into for a quick hit or read and contemplate for hours.

But who is Blodyn?


Opera by Kiára Árgenta

publication date November 2016 Now Available

Set behind the scenes of the chaotic world of opera this is the third novel from the Hungarian-based writer and offers a stark and revealing view of what it takes to succeed at the top of this surprisingly vicious art-form.

more details very soon . . . . .

Gather-Gold-Cover-Final-FRONT-Lo-ResGather Gold and other Stories from Barrie Llewelyn is a collection that will beguile and surprise with its range of settings, characters and voices.

From urban America to rural Wales the stories offer unique insights into human life on this diverse planet.

Barrie Llewelyn’s stories are beautifully observed . . . and they stay with the reader for a long time afterwards.” Emma Darwin

Made-in-Roath-Volume-one-cover-frontMade in Roath Volume One is a publication that has come from the brilliant artist-led festival of the same name, that is held in the vibrant and exciting area of Cardiff known as Roath.

The volume comes in a 6″ x 9″ format, containing poems, observations, stories and black and white photographs over 150 pages

Edited by Christina Thatcher and featuring work from 40 contributors.

bums-hardback-cover-3-frontBUMS is the latest novel from Derec Jones. It is the first book in a trilogy of stories featuring unlikely policeman Detective Inspector Frank Lee.

** NOW  available as a limited edition hardcover
Click here for details.

The headmaster of the largest school in the county is found naked and dead in a grimy back alley in a run-down area of Elchurch.

secondary-character-front-coverSECONDARY CHARACTER

edited by Barrie Llewelyn – cover photo and design by Jo Mazelis

Twenty-eight amazing stories by twenty-eight fantastic writers from the Welsh Short Story Network. This collection demonstrates just how varied and thought-provoking the short story can be.

The short story is alive and kicking in the green green grass.

fragments-CS-Cover1-front-smallFRAGMENTS – the sequel to Infinity by Kiára Árgenta – This book begins where Infinity ends.


‘She is a true ice princess. Beautiful and delicate, but her heart doesn’t seem to be warm. I have visions that it is not even beating, that I have imagined she is real and she is just a figment of my distressed imagination.’

infinity-CS-Cover-front-smallINFINITY – the brilliant new debut novel by Kiára Árgenta – we are very excited about this book and are looking forward to sharing it with the world.


Set in a bleak Hungary, this is an explosive and passionate psychological journey offering a rare insight into the violently destructive relationship between a beautiful woman and man trying to cope with bipolar illness.

“A must read”

dead-flowers-cover-front-smallOne we snuck in while working on our new list below – Dead Flowers – short stories for a crazy planet

from the richest man in the world to our Colin a humble taxi driver these stories illuminate little explored lives


From Derek Wynford Jones

a  collection (as yet untitled) from the Welsh Short Story Network – edited by Barrie Llewelyn

another collection (also as yet untitled) from the astonishingly creative Made in Roath (Cardiff) team, led by the literary tornado – Christina Thatcher

vegan-grub cover idea 1-smallVEGAN GRUB  the beautiful illustrated collection of no-nonsense solid recipes from the hugely experienced and talented Rhian Jones

A treasure trove of vegan delights that will satisfy the most demanding of appetites and the most discerning of palates.


BUMS – the fourth novel from Derec Jones – introducing Detective Inspector Frank Lee, whose Zen-like approach teases the truth out of the most tangled situation – innovative Crime Fiction

ForTheTimeBeingDWJ-createspaceBook-smallFOR THE TIME BEING – snippets, offcuts, bits and bobs, old and new, raw – a coming together of random work from Derek Wynford Jones, poems, stories, opinions, journal entries, unedited – polished – whatever . . .

*** UPDATE: Paperback available Amazon UKAmazon US


Backfields-front 1 cover oct 8-2013

Boys from the Backfields

In 1963 a boy witnesses the murder of lively widow Betty Fish. Half a century later he is determined to find out the truth about the incident that has come to dominate his life. A novel set on a council estate in South Wales.


Cheats and Liars

Brian Llewelyn is the Greatest Living Artist in Wales. When his life disintegrates, how low does he have to sink to discover what true success really means?