NOTE: * Resurrection is launching at the end of October 2017.

Resurrection is the shattering sequel to Opera. Read Opera first if you can. Click here for information about Opera

After her near death in a horrible stage incident whilst performing the lead role in Carmen, Hungarian mezzo-soprano Natalija relocates to Roma. She begins to create a new life of success in the Italian opera houses and finds someone kind and loving to help her heal.

Natalija believes that her recovery will only take time; she has shaken off the bulimia which was threatening to destroy her career and feels she is stepping out of the shadows which have haunted her for so long.

However, her old love emerges full of vengeance, furious that Natalija has taken someone new, especially since her own career in Hungary has been left tarnished after Carmen. Natalija realises her fragile new existence is little more than an illusion as she is once again immersed in the dark side of the Opera World.

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