Ancient Wisdom for Modern Woman


160 pages in full colour

Your journey through 2010 with The Gorgeous Women of the Moon!
The 2010 moon diary is filled with wise, witty and womanly inspiration to make skipping through the Year of the Tiger a joyous affair.
Created by a group of moon worshipping beauties who look to the heavens on occasion but have their feet firmly rooted on the ground, the 2010 moon diary captures the group’s reverence for the mystical and irreverence for life in general.
Complete with inspiring artwork, photographs, quotes, poetry and the occasional joke, the diary will make the perfect companion for any woman looking forward to another fulsome year.
The moon babes are based in Cardiff, South Wales and this is their first diary.

The 2010 edition is sold out but you can get a POD version through Amazon and other retailers.

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