Derec Jones – Derek Wynford Jones

Derec Jones is the author of seven books here at Opening Chapter.

UPDATE: October 2014 – Now known as Derek Wynford Jones

Boys from the Backfields follows Mick, who as a 13 year old in 1963 witnesses a murder that overshadows his life, until half a centurylater he returns again to the council estate in South Wales where he was brought up, determined to make sense of what it all means.

Cheats and Liars is an exploration of success and its fallout set deep in the psyche of Brian Llewelyn, ‘The Greatest Living Artist in Wales’

His novel The Three Bears has received acclaim from many as a perfect example of ‘voice’, it is a helter-skelter ride through a life told through the distinctive “inner” voice of the narrator.

The Words in Me is a collection of poetry that explores the form in surprising ways; challenging yet always accessible.

For the Time Being is a bringing together of bits of work including poems, plays, stories, snippets, edited and unedited worls-in-progress

and The Walker and other stories is a collection that offer insights into the inner and outer worlds we all inhabit and help us to understand and appreciate each other. NOTE ** SEE BELOW

Dead Flowers and other stories is a new collection of short stories, some previously published in The Walker – now edited and updated with many new stories added


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