Fragments is a sequel to Infinity
but can be read as its own story

fragments-CS-Cover1-front-smallby Kiára Árgenta

‘She is a true ice princess. Beautiful and delicate, but her heart doesn’t seem to be warm. I have visions that it is not even beating, that I have imagined she is real and she is just a figment of my distressed imagination. It is the first  unravelling I have experienced. Sure, I fell apart after Kiára’s death and I existed in a mist until I met Lilla but this is a splintering feeling. As though I am cracking like a mirror and shards of my personality are starting to fall to the ground.’

Two years after the death of the love of his life, István cannot move on. He is ill with bipolar disorder and is convinced the answer is to find the image of his dead love in someone else. He meets Lilla on a Budapest street; young, fragile and impressionable and he is desperate to possess her. However, Lilla has her own darkness and over time, István’s jealousy, his anger, and his violent obsession turn her into someone who carelessly smashes his heart into fragments.

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